Updated Citrix XenServer 5.5 Automatic VM Backup Scripts

I have re-written the popular Citrix XenServer 5.5 Automated Live VM Backup scripts from scratch, with some big improvements:

  • Separate backup configuration script – So you don’t need to touch the key execution and function scripts to configure backups.
  • VDI removal – Run in addition to the standard vm-uninstall command to stop snapshotted VMs allocating all your disk space
  • Logging – Enable/disable functionality with more advanced function logging and file path customisation.
  • Backup VM selection – The facility to select between all, running, none and specifically set (by VM uuid) virtual machines.
  • Quiesce snapshots – To take advantage of the quiesce snapshot functionality if the VM supports it.
  • HA disabled – High availability is disabled on exported virtual machines to stop configuration issues when re-importing.

This is a complete re-write from scratch and as such is relatively untested other than on my systems – please provide feedback regarding any successful or problematic installations.

The latest release of the updated Citrix XenServer Backup Scripts can be downloaded from http://www.andy-burton.co.uk/files/xenserver_backup/xenserver_backup.tar.gz as a tar gzip archive.

Installation instructions:

[root@xs /]# mkdir /home/backup
[root@xs /]# cd /home/backup
[root@xs backup]# wget http://www.andy-burton.co.uk/files/xenserver_backup/xenserver_backup.tar.gz
23:45:25 (12.9 MB/s) - `xenserver_backup.tar.gz' saved [3181/3181]
[root@xs backup]# tar -xzf xenserver_backup_3.0.tar.gz
[root@xs backup]# chmod 700 vm_backup.*
[root@xs backup]# ./vm_backup.sh
[root@xs backup]# nano vm_backup.log

Open and edit vm_backup.cfg to configure the backup.

Run vm_backup.sh to run the backup process, this script does not need to be modified.

The virtual machine backup functions are located in vm_backup.lib and do not need to be modified.

As usual, all comments, negative, neutral or positive are all very welcome.

For those that require it, I will write additional information and a more detailed installation procedure in due course.

Update Log:

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